15 July 2021

Praise for Cooking With The Stars

“Undercooked Chefs make for a winning recipe”★★★★☆The Times TV Review

“Undercooked Chefs make for a winning recipe”

The Times TV Review

“… Overall this was exciting, charming and fun with accomplished editing helping to strain every drop of tension. The competitors’ shaking hands showed how genuinely fraught the heat of the battle was, and when the pans were put down they radiated a bonhomie that can feel confected in shows such as these. Food comforts and brings us together and tends to be better unprocessed. I’ll certainly be coming back for seconds next week”

Fresh and exciting Cooking With The Stars is not just another reality TV contest

The Mirror

“The celeb-filled ITV show has managed to take things to the next level with a studio with all the energy of a late-night chat show and Emma Willis and Tom Allen hitting the sweet spot of ­presenting duos”

“… It seems our appetite for foodie content has not been sated and, dare I say it, Cooking With The Stars on ITV on Tuesday felt fresh and exciting.

“There’s something delicious about ‘Strictly’ with chicken”


“This enjoyable serving of meal-prep melodrama certainly contained lots of familiar ingredients as eight chatty celebrities, of varying levels of culinary expertise, were challenged to prove their skills in the kitchen”

“Fortunately, familiarity did not breed contempt. Presenters Emma WIllis and Tom Allen struck the right note of matey irreverence, and there was little danger of the viewer being overcome with envy as the celebs, endearingly hopeless at the hob, rolled up their sleeves”

“But there was none of the cruelty or emotional manipulation too often a feature of reality TV. And when Naughty Boy was voted off he didn’t pretend it was the end of the world. Cooking with the Stars was all the tastier for this lack of artery-clogging razzmatazz”


Daily Mail

“Catastrophe is the whole point of this boisterous, entertaining format”